Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Product -- Blend Clips


I'm back! I just didn't have the creative energy this summer to make products. I thought I would get a lot done but I didn't in fact this was the first summer that I did hardly anything work related. So, I'm not mad about that. I, as well as most teachers I know, work way too much. So, it was a nice change.

I changed positions AGAIN this year, I am back to teaching special education. It's taken me this first semester to try and get my procedures and activities down. There have been many paperwork changes since I was in last in special education 4 years ago. But, I'm back and I've created a product for my students and decided it might be useful to others so you can find it in my TPT store.

First, I have some Kindergarten students in my resource class. Their time overlaps with 2nd graders so they have to do some activities alone. They are all at different levels. I have one that is close to grade level in phonics, one that knows letters sounds but not how to form words with them, and one that doesn't even know all his letters yet. So, I had a dilemma about what could they do independently that they would still be learning from??  I found some Uppercase letter and lowercase letter clip cards where the student had to put a clip on the matching lowercase letter. This were great. I put a sticker on back to show the right answer making them self-checking and they could do these independently even the student who was at the lowest level. So, I started thinking about what could I do with these?

Voila, Blend clips. I have them printed off and laminated and the kids love the colorful pictures. I'l have to get some pictures of them using them. They are engaged and they love checking their own work.  I have some math ones in works and you'll be seeing those in the store soon.

These are great for late year Kindergarteners, First Graders and struggling 2nd graders who need more phonics practice. There are 48 cards. There are at least 2 cards for each blend or diagraph.  Extension activities are included with the set. There are 2 cards per page which makes them a nice size for smaller hands to handle. You can get clothes pins at the Dollar Tree so this makes a very engaging yet affordable center or early finishers activity.

If you purchase this I would sure love to hear how it works out for you. If you have any suggestions for making this product better I sure would appreciate it.

Happy Teaching!!