Thursday, June 8, 2017

Writing Your Opinion

Hello All,

I hope you are enjoying your summer if it has started. I won't have much of a summer off this year but I am still trying to add some new things to my store and write a few blog posts. Maybe work on a freebie or two to share with my readers.

I don't know about in your state but I am fairly confident in Tennessee that grades 2 through 5 had to write some type of opinion writing on our State Assessment. So, it's an important skill. 

Now, I don't believe getting opinions is difficult. But, the standards say even at first grade level that they need to not just state their opinion but support that opinion with reasons. So, that gets a little more tricky. 

To help you, I have created this power point that includes scaffolded practice, modeling of an exemplar writing, a shared writing, and two partner activities for turn and talk times. Quick checks are included at critical moments throughout the lesson.

This lesson was done for one my observations and based on the rubric all elements were met at Above Expectations or Higher. So, I am confident that this lesson is well-developed and good first teaching! I believe your students will find it engaging and will learn from it how to write an opinion writing. I am going to work on a follow up lesson to this using text as this one related to sharing opinions about food. A familiar topic is always a good way to engage and introduce something.

Here are some previews for you.  Click this link to find it in my store!

Please share your opinions. Your opinions matter to me!

Have a great summer!

Ms. Francisco