Tuesday, February 2, 2016

From Counting to Adding in a snap!

Hello All,

I am excited about these activities for my Kinder Babies. Right now I have 3 Kinder Babies that I teach in my instructional resource class.  Their time overlaps with another group of students and so I have to have some activities for them to do independently. That's difficult when they are all at varying levels. From very low to almost grade level. I love the clip card idea. It helps with fine motor skills and it is engaging. They also can be self-checking by adding a simple sticker on the back before laminating.

So, here you go 4 activities for math that range from simple counting to solving addition equations.  The theme is a bee theme which is great for upcoming Spring (yes, I'm optimistic!).  See what you think!

Use these mats with included manipulatives or use your own. Bright, colorful, engaging mats to practice developing number sense. Students will enjoy counting with these cheerful mats. Compose and decompose numbers using 2 different manipulatives.

These are no prep! Just print, laminate, provide clothes pins and there you go instant activity. How easy! Very affordable!!


Adorable Clip Cards where students count the bees and clip the correct number. These can be self-checking for independent and/or work stations or Literacy Centers. Students will be engaged with the cute cliparts and festive colors. They will feel empowered as they can do this activity on their own. Perfect for PreK and Kindergarten and possible struggling first graders.

Help your kinders begin adding with these cute bee clip cards. Pictures help them decompose numbers into parts and count and add amounts to 20. Clip the answer with a clothespin. Make these self-checking by adding a sticker to the back of the correct number.

These are full-page all you have to do is print 2 or 4 on a page and laminate. No prep easy in a snap!

Just the right activity to support students learning to add. Each addition sentence has picture clues. Helps students create number sense. They can see each part of equation. 28 cards for addition problems with sums 2-20. Children can visually see how you can add numbers in any order to get the same sum. A card is included for 3 + 4 as well as 4 + 3.

This can be used as a workstation activity where children show answers with clothes pin (clips). Or use as a write the room activity. Both a recording sheet and an answer key included.

They are already affordable but if you buy them all together you can save $4.  These are all bundled together for the low price of $8.00

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