Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Break! Time to get caught up on some things!

Hello All,

If you're on Fall Break I hope you are taking some me time. Time to relax but time for something enjoyable as well.

I am using my break to add some products I had finished but didn't get in the store yet as well as put some newly created things in the store. I figured after I got them added I would have a Fall Sale. So, keep tuned in to see when the sale is coming up!

I made some more clip cards. My students just really enjoy using these. They like that they can self-check their answers and instantly check their work! All you have to do is put a sticker behind the right answer before you laminate them. These are easy to print, laminate and cut out. All you have to do is add the clothes pins. I am going to have to remember to go to the Dollar Tree and get some more. I already went and although I spent $25 it didn't include those.

So, here's the preview:

Click the preview to be taken to the store!  I am trying something new. It is 50% off for 24 hours. So, now until 8:30 tomorrow p.m. it will be 50% off. That means you can get it for $1.50. Normally, it is only $3.00.  Hurry before the flash sale is over!

Hope your kids enjoy their "time" with this activity. Sorry I couldn't refuse the pun. Now, I have to go put that on sale before I forget! Let me know what you think about this activity and how you use it in your class.

Take care and Happy Fall Ya'll!

Dina aka Ms. Fran

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