Saturday, May 31, 2014

2nd grade Blogs I read!


As I plan for next year, which will be different again, I have been looking at some of my favorite 2nd grade blogs. I thought it might be something interesting to post on here. There are so many that I am sure we don't all look at the same ones.  So, I thought I would "review" for a lack of a better word some of my favorites.

So, I thought I would start with Stepping into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons.  She has a great blog and really keeps it up-to-date. She also has a TPT Store. One thing I like are all her neat craftivities. I think that students like to create something that gets displayed that also helps them learn content. I already have several of her craftivities and I have put several more on my wish list for next year. I am putting many on the wish list and then will decide which ones fit best and purchase them before school starts.

Mrs. Lemons also shares about her family on her blog. She and her husband have adopted a little girl from Africa, she is just beautiful. As an adoptive mother myself, I love to see this multiracial family created from love, just like mine!  She's doing a great job parenting and looks to be an excellent teacher as well. I would love to go observe her teaching.

You should definitely go check out Mrs. Lemons' blog and her store on TPT. You will not be disappointed. If you have used her materials and have photos or something and want me to include them on my blog that would be great. I plan to have some to share soon. I hope you will comment on your thoughts about this post, more posts like it, Mrs. Lemons' blog and sharing and whatever else you'd like to share.

In case you wondered, the "different" next year will be that I am teaching all subjects for 2nd grade and I will have my students all day. I won't be departmentalized like last year and I will not "switch" with another teacher. At least that's what it is at this point. We all know that things are always subject to change even up to the last week of summer like last year. At least in my building that's how things go.....oh the life of a teacher.

Thanks for reading,