Monday, June 2, 2014

How are you getting organized for next year? Or are you?

Hello All,

So, are you one of those teachers that can leave it until the new year begins? I definitely am not. How do you do that? About the last 3-4 weeks of school I really start reflecting and start thinking about what I want to do differently next year. What did I do well, what did I not do so well, where can I improve? What are those things I have NO CLUE about! Unfortunately, I am feeling too many of those this year!

Well, as I am trying to get myself organized to teach all subjects next year, I am looking at blogs of other 2nd grade teachers. My last post I wrote about Mrs. Lemon's blog.  So, as I was browsing I found this great find on organizing for next year!

Saddle up for 2nd grade is teaming up with some other bloggers. They are having a Linky party about what they'll do next year and reflecting just as I am trying to.  I hope they don't mind me stealing their picture to share this information with you.  Click the picture and it will take you to the post explaining it.

 Saddle Up Linky Party

I love her crayon drawers. I had in fact decided that I would buy one of those classroom set of crayons that are sorted by color. However, if I get something like this I can use the 22 boxes of crayons I already have.  I'll probably just sort the 8 basic colors and leave the rest in a basket. Well, maybe baggies sorted by like colors, reds, blues, etc... That's a working idea but I definitely am going to sort them by colors. I think I'll do as a coworker and put just the colors they need in individual baggies so too many crayons are not out at a time.  I plan to use roles like materials handlers, etc... at my tables so they will hopefully take ownership of helping to take care of the supplies also.

It is really a pet peeve when children break up your crayons and throw them around the room. Do your boys do that too? I know my son did things like that in school. I had to go to his classroom one day. I got a note that said Kyle is "throwing things". So, an assistant watched my class for a few minutes and I went over. I was in a panic. He was in 4th grade and being that the year before I had worked with children with emotional disorders I had thoughts of chairs and desks. I get to his classroom and pull him aside to talk to him. What he was throwing was erasers, paper, etc.  Now, I did correct him and made him apologize to his teacher for disrupting class with his behavior. I was little irritated and relieved at the same time.  Sorry I digress.  

She even has some Journeys Reading Series labels which will be great to get all these items I am gathering and making together.  I really need to go get ink for the printer and lamination film. I think I'll go do that tomorrow after get done with my Professional Development Workshop. I saw the goodie bags we are getting today! I can't wait. Today turned out to be pleasant surprise as well. It was an institute so although it lasted 2 hours longer than was stated, there was lunch provided AND a stipend that was totally unexpected. I wish they had advertised this a little better because it wasn't as well attended as it should have.

One thing I was excited about learning today was all the Science related stories in our new reading series that will go along great with our science curriculum. It will sure help me get Science Content covered.  I hope to find ways to integrate Social Studies in more with other subjects as well and not just reading.  A great idea was given today but another 2nd grade teacher.  She showed a picture of Martin Luther King, Jr. with a picture of his son and used it to talk about characteristics passed on by our parents to offspring. This coupled with a social studies until on Martin Luther King, Jr. That is a creative way to integrate Social Studies, Reading and Science.

Well, I'm off to the rest of this linky party. There MANY MANY more blogs to get through....hope you're relaxing some even if you're like me and are organizing for next year already!

Enjoy your day!