Friday, June 13, 2014

Chapters 1 and 2 - Making the Most of Small Groups~ Differentiation for All

Hello All,

As I previously posted. I'm doing a Summer Book Study on the book Making the Most of Small Groups~ Differentiation for All by Debbie Diller. The Book Study is being coordinated by Mrs. Sameulson's Swamp Frogs. Click the name to go to her blog.  We're discussing the first two chapters.  Here's my take on the first two chapters.  I hope you can find something useful.

I am really enjoying this book. I look forward to hearing what others have to say as well. I have made a mock schedule after reading Chapter 1. Last year I only taught Math and Science and I switched classes with a team teacher who taught the RLA/SS. This year I will be teaching all subjects. I am not exactly sure about times as we are changing our start time so I am not exactly sure what time our lunch and support will be. I guessed. So, it might have to be adjusted. I do know however how much time they take up. I am excited with this schedule as I found time for individual conferences for reading as well as a separate writing time. I am attaching my mocked up schedule in case you want to see it.
I also made an instructional planning sheet to help me make sure I am being proactive in all parts of my ELA time. This is to just get me organized and stay on track. It is not a lesson planning sheet.
So, I guess you will say that these are my "takes" from Chapter 1. I need to make sure i have time to "get everything" in and I know myself I need to be organized and stay on track and it is my hope that the planning sheet will help me do that.
Chapter 2 really helped me to think through what I need to do to get organized. I have made a list of tings I need to do/get based on information in Chapter 2.
I I need a 4 drawer bin for the materials for each group near my teaching table.
I am going to color code my groups just so it's visual for me and my students.
I need to make or look for a sign that indicates or actually says "DO NOT DISTURB" as a reminder to students that we are not to interrupt the small group time.
I am going to set up a Small Group Binder to keep running records and current anecdotal records for each student in the group folder. I also may have a section for each student. We'll see how that goes. I am going to try the 4x6 notecards first and if that doesn't work I might try notebook pages....that's a trial and error kind of thing for me.
I need to stock up on post it notes and do an interactive modeling lesson on how to use the post-it notes during reading to help them learn how to "think" while they are reading (there is more on this in Chapter 4).
I need separate small group lesson plans from the weekly lesson plans. I need a reflection section on my lesson plans to keep notes.
Make sure my teaching table is where I can see the whole room.
Then of course I have a whole list of supplies I need: magnetic white boards and lowercase magnetic letters.
I really have enjoyed the book so far. I hope I haven't shared too much.

Thanks for reading!

Here's my two add-ons that I created you might find useful.

Instructional Planning Sheet

2nd Grade Schedule