Tuesday, July 5, 2016

**************FREEBIE*************** Post Holiday FREEBIE!

Hello All,

I hope you had a safe and fun Holiday. It was a big storm here and I took some time to add some unfinished products to my store. I've been waiting for 100 followers on my Facebook page to add a freebie but when I finished up these adorable Monster Multiplication Fact Cards yesterday I just couldn't help myself! I decided to make them a FREEBIE in my store.  It will probably be a limited time offer I just haven't decided how long so go get them today. The only thing I ask is you leave a comment about how you plan to use them with your students.

Math facts are so important! knowing them frees up their mind to work on those more complicated problem solving techniques! They need the the brain power!

Click the Freebie button to be taken to these great
Monster Multiplication Fact Cards! I hope you will enjoy them!

How do you help your students learn your facts? I hope using these cute and engaging task cards will be one way!

Have a great day!

Ms. Fran