Monday, July 4, 2016

Get them out of their seats!

Hello All,

Hope you're enjoying your summer! I'm trying to get a few more things completed for my school year coming up. I found several things I started but hadn't finished so I'm trying to get those done first.

One thing I found was a Fractional Parts Scoot.  It's important to know that students are understanding that a fraction is part of a whole and that the fractional part you are concerned with becomes the numerator and the parts of the whole are represented as the denominator. Sounds basic but a lack of this understanding will be a barrier to students moving further with comparing and making equivalent fractions in 3rd grades on up. So, that's why this activity is a great way to assess their understanding in 1st and 2nd grades after teaching about these subjects. But it will also be critical before you go further in fractions to make sure those 3rd graders do understand it.

I love SCOOTS. They let the kids get up out of their seats and walk around. It's fun and engaging and they don't even look at it as learning. They'll do this time and time again. They are versatile too because you can put them in a learning center as traditional task cards. Put a sticker with the answer the back before you laminate and they are self-checking!

You'll want these you can use them for years to come!! Click the picture to go to my store! This is very reasonably priced!

There are 25 cards. Set includes a recording sheet and an answer 

Love to hear your comments. How do you use Scoot and task cards in your class?

Have a great summer!

Ms. Fran