Friday, July 11, 2014

Classroom Decor Freebie

Hello All,

I made these for my own classroom. I thought maybe some of you would enjoy them as well.  I started off by making some word wall letters to match my black and white polka dot themes.  I decided to add numbers for centers, cubbies, etc.... you can use them for many things. Then I added a title for Math Buddies.  Since you might have something else you can use them for I added two blank titles. You could use them for name plates or labels or whatever you see fit.  I hope you like these.  Please do give me feedback. At some point I might break down and get a TPT store. That's why I am starting here on my blog to see if what I am making is even desired or worth someone paying a $1 or $2 for?  So, please do leave me feedback!  I appreciate you checking out my blog.

Click on the preview to download the file:

I hope you like this and can use it. I laminated my word wall letters with my Scotch laminator. The cutting out was super easy with the lines on there. They are all "near" perfect size and match each other! :)