Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blog Name Change

Hello All,

I hope this doesn't cause too much confusion but I am changing my blog name. It was My 2nd Grade Smarties but ..... I'm no longer a 2nd grade teacher. At least as of Friday, I am now a first grade teacher. I am adjusting to the idea. So, I decided to just change my name to something that would work for whatever grade I am in.  I LOVE Black and White Polka Dots.  I have been "accused" of black and white know it's all this or all that but no gray! Is that considered inflexible? LOL So, anyway, I digress. I made a punny. (A funny pun!) It's not all Black and White .... Polka Dots. It amuses me....sorry if it's not your type of humor.

I believe it's fitting to my teaching career journey. Nothing is ever black and white and there all kinds of shades of gray (or grey which is right?). So for now we're going for it.  I am going to try and remember how to change my blog background. I made my own out of scrapbooking materials I made for my scrapbooking blog.  But my friend Lisa is so much better at it. I might see if I can BEG her to do looking out for those polka dots.  I hope I can let my readers (all 3 of you) know that I have moved my stuff! :)

I hope you'll continue to read my blog....that is if you can find. it.

I'll be posting soon on the final two chapters of the Book Study soon! :)  It has been a great book!

TTFN (TA TA FOR NOW .... in case you didn't know!)