Sunday, April 19, 2015

Money Worksheets Great for Review or Assessment


I've added another product to my TPT Store today. Still trying to get to my 50 products in by the big Teacher's Appreciation Sale in the beginning of May. I don't know that I'll make it but I want to get as many as I can.

So, I have put together 5 worksheets on money for you.  Money is actually not a standard in First Grade Common Core. However, it is on the SAT 10 test they have to take at the end of the year (in a few weeks really) and so we have taught it. It's a great life skill besides a learning skill so I think it's important that they start learning it early.

These worksheets include 2 Write the Right Amount where they are given a group of coins that they have to count and write the amount.  Then there is a matching sheet where they draw a line to the correct amount for the group of coins.  I have included a Show Another Way where they are given a coin or two and they are to draw the coins to show 2 other ways to make that amount. Lastly, there is a problem solving sheet with four word problems.

Answer Keys are included for all worksheets. This will be great for homework, extra practice, review or assessment after a money unit.  Many ways to use these.  I hope they make your life a little easier.

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Have a great Sunday!

Ms. Francisco