Friday, April 10, 2015

New Reading Comprehension Skill -- Searching for the Cause and Effect Activities

Hello All,

I put in a new product in the store last night.  We are getting ready to cover Cause and Effect again. So, I was trying to make some activities that would extend and expand what we've already covered with Cause and Effect.  So, here is what I came up with!

There are 3 Anchor charts. This one and of course one for Effect and then one for Signal Words.
Then there is the standard match the cause with effect task cards. There are 2 sets. One is shown below and the other is the same except they say either Cause or Effect on them.  If some of your learners are struggling or need more support this differentiates the activity for you.

A "worksheet" for extra practice or an end of unit assessment.

Next, to extend the learning with the task cards and help students understand that a cause and an effect of one event can cause more than one things to happen. So, they pick a cause or effect from the matching cards and then write another effect for it.

Then for these effect cards students will name 2 causes for each effect.  

Then there are 3 different writing activities included within all of these activities.

I think this is a pretty comprehensive unit with many choices in activities.  I think they are somewhat different than other packets available. It's in the store already and it's only $3.50. There are many different levels of difficulty for all levels of learners.  I hope you'll go to my STORE.


Ms. Francisco