Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Product in TPT store!! Drawing Conclusions Matching Activity

Hello All,

I have some exciting news. I just uploaded my first product into my TPT store.  Drawing Conclusions is a challenging skill to teach students.  So, I have created a matching Drawing Conclusion activity that includes a short "story" on one card with a picture clue and a conclusion on another card.  The students use the story, picture clue, and what they know to help them draw a conclusion and then match the story to the conclusion.

The set includes a graphic organizer to record what clue from the story, what they knew, and what they concluded.  A second set of matching cards is included for struggling readers that includes the pictures on both the story card and the conclusion card to aid them in matching.

There are 8 story cards with the 8 matching cards in the set.  Just print and laminate for durability. It includes a student direction page that could be laminated for your Center/Workstation as well.

I used this last week with my small group. They really enjoyed reading the stories and finding the match. They felt so successful and they had little difficulty in finding the matches so it would be perfect for Center/Workstations as well as small groups.

I know your students will enjoy this activity because my students did! :)  Next time I'll have to remember to take a picture.

I hope you'll check it out!  Go here to Going Frananas TPT Store

Please leave comments and feedback on the product page in TPT if you purchase it. If you have concerns or feedback and comments, please email me at so I can address any and make the product better.


Ms. Fran