Sunday, March 8, 2015

A little something for Firsties! Indefinite Pronouns!

Hello All,

I had to get some Center Activities for indefnite pronouns. There really isn't much out there.  So, I made some simple task cards to use next week in my stations.  There are only 12 task cards and there are 2 types; pick the pronoun from the sentence and then choose the correct (cloze) indefinite pronoun for the sentence.  It should keep them busy about 15 minutes. My stations have 3 activities so this should be just about right.  I may update this after this week is over.  I always look to enhance my products so if you follow my store you will be notified of any updates to products!

Anyway, here you go. Go check it out. I think it will be worth your while and it's only $2!!!

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Ms. Francisco