Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Days have made me Productive and you get a FREEBIE!!

Hello All,

Snow days have inspired me to be productive I tried Scoot with my kids on Wednesday for the first time. We only did one table as we need to practice moving to more than one table and I want them to practice short times with no talking and they did amazing. So, to treat them I made a new Scoot game for Telling Time to the Hour and the Half Hour for what we cover in First Grade.  They will really enjoy this and I think your students will as well.  Wednesday I put out clocks on their table and they wrote the time down.  This multiple choice format will get them ready for testing as they have to choose the right time out of 4 choices.

2nd grade teachers you could use this as a pre-assessment before your time unit. Last year when I taught 2nd they had a hard time with time so a preassessment would help a lot to know what you need to work them on where they are at!!

I will get some pictures and update this but for now I am linking the image below to my TPT store where you can download the Freebie from my store.  Please if you have the time will you leave me comments on my TPT store and/or pin this to Pinterest! Let's get the word out about my TPT store and blog. I have many more ideas and hope to get the word out!

Let me know how this works out in your classroom!!

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Ms. Francisco