Monday, March 16, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy.....New Contraction Products

Hello All,

I've been busy preparing some materials for my class. When we return from Spring Break we will be learning about contractions again.  I've made several products to use with contractions.  There are 4 separate products uploaded right now. I am working on a couple goodies to include in a bundle you can't get by themselves.  One is Anchor Charts that will be in the bundle only and then I am working on something else and then I will get it bundled and you will save.  If you don't think you want all of them they are for sale now as individual products.

Here's the product previews:

They include recording sheets and answer keys where appropriate!

I think you'll really like these products.  If you want all of them though you should definitely wait on the bundle.  Click any of the images to go to my TPT Store to check them out.  

Just a side note because I just learned this myself. Did you know you earn credits with each purchase just by rating products you buy?  For every $1 you spend you get 1 credit.  100 credits is worth $5 of free products! I am going back and rating everything I have purchased that I never rated. I had all these credits just sitting there. I am going to use them ASAP before they change their minds and they take them away! Not that they are going to but you just never know. I can't decide if I want products for my room or clipart/fonts to use to make more "stuff" for the store! HMMMM hard choices!

So, please do leave comments on the products you purchased. Not just for the seller but also for the credits you will receive!

Have a great day! It's Spring Break and the weather is supposed to be excellent today! I can't wait!


Ms. Francisco