Thursday, March 5, 2015

Black and White Polka Dots are my Favorite!


Black and white polka dots are my favorite. Maybe you like them too!!  I made a black and white polka dot Word Wall set for my own classroom.  My whole room is black and white polka dots so I love these and they look amazing in my room!

I have a picture of them in my classroom.  This was at the beginning of the year before there were any words underneath them!

I used magnetic tape and put them up on the white board. I have a Smartboard which I love to use on the other wall across from this so I don't really need this white board to write on.

I hope you like these! They really are perfect! I have a couple more versions made so I am going to get them uploaded as well. I made a yellow and white polk dot set for a colleague I will put up.  I am going to put a "blank" set in the store as well so you can ask for a customized set.  Hope you like them! ;)


Ms. Francisco